Will a book change someone's life

The title of the debate is: Will a book change someone's life ... true, life journey, in a twist, could be changed by a book, a statement, a few conversations, a few words… I bet this is what has happened to many lives including this writer's.. Basing on this theory, instead of fatty book, I have gathered honey dews from many books, compiled in a Bullet form so that you need, to a great extent, no Google, Bing, Yahoo, , Baidu, search engines to bring the best of the gist of several books.

Like any non-fiction books , this pocket-sized book has all the ingredients … you name.. you have…In a nut shell, a version of Bonsai.. uncompromisingly done… The size and the cost is : Pocket Friendly… Yes.. in true sense, It can slip into your chest with no hassles.

The cost is around 15 rupees and your wallet friendly to gift. Try your charity… We have many titles as well as customised copies to cater to the needs of the readers … Many corporate companies buy and compliment our copies as a new year gift whereas some judicious men are using our pocket sized books as a return gifts to the guests in several functions like marriages and birthdays … Not a bad deal…?

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Personality Development

The Art of Self Development is not taught, but expressed. Please browse through should you find time else listen to your wisdom and move forward. But a few minutes’ reading may be a refreshing break in your life.